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Click the link below to install the latest version of the Roku Subsonic channel (requires a Roku device and Roku account). 

If you wish to support the development of this channel, please donate (suggested donation $5.00).



This software is a Roku front-end to the Subsonic media streaming server.  It
provides the following features:
 * Browse your entire catalog
 * Search for artists, albums, songs
 * Full catalog shuffle playback
 * Quick browse of Subsonic album lists (Random, Recent, Top Rated, etc.)

Tested on Roku firmware version 2.9 and 3.0

"Roku Subsonic" is open-source software licensed under the GPL.

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The Home Screen provides quick access to Subsonic's dynamic playlists.

Browse your entire collection


Access Subsonic's powerful search

And of course, actually listen to your music!

Release Notes

1.6.0 - 10th Jan 2011

1.5.0 - 9th Jan 2011

1.4.0 - 7th Jan 2011

1.3.0 - 19th Nov 2011

1.2.0 - 28th Sep 2011

1.1.0 - 9th July 2011

1.0.0 - 29th May 2011


Icons from Emre Ozcelik's "Elegant Blue Web" icon set


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