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Slow Stick

Step 1 - Research

The Slow Stik seems to be one of the most modified and abused Park Flyers in the world. A quick search of RC groups will bring up quite a few threads.

Step 2 - Building

Building the plane is fairly easy, although the instructions are vaugue and ambiguous in many places. The slow stik annotated build (listed above) is a decent companion, but it was written for an older version of the kit so some things won't match up with the newer kits. All in all I probably spent about 4-5 hours building the plane. Here are some of the places that I deviated from the included directions.

Picture 1 of plane Picture 2 of plane

Step 3 - Flying

Day One

The first flights were a bit 'hariy' given that there was a pretty strong wind. It didn't help that the Du-Bro connectors were lose on the first flight, making control nearly impossible. The first flights also used an APC 11x7 Thin Electric prop which didn't provide enough power. Needless to say, the plane survived a few 'very-rough' landings including one into a pine tree. This plane is so durable that I didn't need to make any repairs. With the wind, trimming the plane was also difficult but finally I got a good 10 minutes of solid flight in.

Day Two

Matt and I went out at 9AM, so there was almost no wind. I also switched to the 11x4.7 prop. These two changes made world of difference. I flew for a solid 15 minutes, there were no incidents! I might have been able to squeeze more time out of the 1500 mAh pack if I really wanted to. I'm looking forward to flying this plane a lot more.


I've tried a few different props, as suggested by Heads-Up RC, and although I haven't noticed a considerable difference the GWS 1170 does seem to provide a bit more speed. I'll have to keep playing with the plane to really get a better feel for hoow the props affect the plane.

Planned Modifications

I think my first mod will be installing 'light' wire for night-flight. Now that I have the Fundango finished I don't feel the need to make my SlowStik more aerobatic.